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How many cryptocurrencies are there currently?
12-October-2021 Benson Lilies



A crypto asset is a decentralized, encrypted currency that is used as a payment method. It facilitates transfers and does not require third parties. That is why they are considered more secure. You can now buy products and services online and pay with digital currency as normal.

Many companies are launching their digital currencies that are called tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for services and products offered by the same company. So that you can be clearer, you can think of tokens as online casino tokens and arcade tokens.

Cryptocurrencies are based on a system of technology known as blockchain or a chain of blocks. Blockchain works as a ledger and is in charge of transactions and recording all operations. It is a modern and revolutionary technology that provides greater security to investors.

How many cryptocurrencies are there currently?

Cryptocurrencies are used as a payment method for buying and selling goods and services. Although it is not yet a form of payment accepted by all physical or online stores, it has been widely accepted in recent years.

You do not need a bank or financial institution, or credit card to carry out operations. They have many detractors because they are not regulated and can be used for illicit activities because of their price volatility.

However, they have been able to gain the trust of millions of people worldwide, who have seen digital currencies as a safer option to save, invest and earn money. They are praised for their transparency, portability, security, simplicity, and resistance to inflation.

There are currently more than 10,000 crypto coins in the world. Every day they increase more and have raised money through preliminary ICO or coin offerings. According to market records, the ten most popular digital assets are:

• Bitcoin

• Ethereum

• Binance Coin

• Tether

• Cardano


• USD Coin

• Dogecoin

• Polkadot

• Internet Computer

As of May 27, the total value of all crypto assets is greater than $ 1.7 trillion, a value below the April high of $ 2.2 trillion. The most widely traded and popular digital currency in the world is Bitcoin, and its full value as of that date was $ 735 billion, down from the April high of $ 1.2 trillion.

What makes cryptocurrencies popular?

Digital currencies have many proponents for the following reasons:

• Investors and advocates view cyber money as the money of the future. They see Bitcoin as an alternative to save and earn money; they compete to get it.

• Another reason they're popular is that advocates love that central banks can't manage them. In addition, these financial entities tend to reduce the value of currencies due to inflation.

• Virtual currencies tend to increase in value, which attracts investors because they can make money in the long term.

• Blockchain technology is another aspect that attracts advocates. It is a decentralized process that is usually more secure than traditional systems.

• Transactions are faster and can be easily made anywhere in the world.

Are digital currencies legitimate?

Virtual currencies are legal in the United States, although countries like China have prohibited their use. Their legality will depend on each country, and although they are safe, you must protect yourself to avoid falling into the hands of cryptocurrency scammers.