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How To Fix False Lashes?

E-Commerce by Patty Burwood September 1,2020


If you have problems with your false eyelashes, you must know how to repair them, avoiding embarrassment in public. If you wear false Eyelashes, it is because you have growth problems in your natural eyelashes, or for some reason, they are shortened. Before you learn how to repair eyelashes due to misuse, you must learn how to put them on:

  • Step 1: acquire quality false eyelashes

You are a girl who deserves the best, and therefore you also need the best false eyelashes to show them off. These lashes come by number, and you should consult with the beauty expert who has them at your fingertips about your size. You can choose how long you want the adhesive eyelashes; you can also take the ones that are fully or dotted.

  • Step 2: laying

You have to take the false eyelashes of your choice, expose the line where all the hairs meet and apply adhesive eyeliner. You have to apply glue slowly over your seam; you can use a lash tweezer or tiny brush. A very good tip is that you apply extra glue to the ends so that it does not come off easily.

  • Step 3: details

You have to wait a few minutes while the glue from the false eyelashes clinging to your skin dries. When they are already solid, you can use an eyelash curler to give it the desired shape; the eyeliner and makeup is another option. In the process of details, you have to be very delicate, avoiding that the newly applied lash slips off your skin.

With practice, you can achieve success by applying false eyelashes or providing a service to your friends. The eyelash curler at the end of the placement is very important; without it, your eyelashes will look strange.

Reuse False Eyelashes And Save Money

You have to understand that false eyelash are not cheap at all, and if you can reuse them, you will save some money. You do not have to be very rough in their use and try to use them again in another outing. If you prevent false eyelashes from being abused, you can save some money, and you will always have a good tool to look beautiful.

So that you can remove your false eyelashes for next use you can do the following:

  • Unmix them: you have to put the element in a jar, apply a little makeup remover in the liquid, and rest. Lashes rest time is at least 25 minutes for their glue to come out. It depends on how long you used the 2in1 eyeliner. It may take a little longer.
  • Total cleaning: in general, there will always be traces of the 2in1 eyeliner on the eyelashes, and you must remove it carefully. When you remove the makeup remover element, you can finish cleaning its remains with a swab, be very delicate.
  • Apply water: you have to apply some water to your false eyelashes with the tap or dispenser you have. The water's speed should be light so that your lashes are not seriously deformed and cannot be used. Finish the procedure when you notice that the water does not look dark but takes on its common transparency.


  • Dry it: after applying some water, you have to dry your eyelashes, do not forget the delicacy. You can leave it on a piece of paper while the cleaning water drips off little by little. This drying process can take at least 20 minutes; you have to be patient.
  • Give it its original shape: you can use a makeup brush that allows you to shape your false eyelashes and make them very beautiful.
  • Save them: you can use the packaging where the false eyelashes came from to save them and use them whenever you like. You can save a lot of money by reusing false eyelashes.